Specifics of Advertising Slogan as Kind of Speech

  • O.V. Salko
Keywords: an advertising motto, an advertising slogan, a kind of speech, a visual component, expression means


The paper deals with specifics description of the advertising slogan as a kind of speech. Nowadays, advertising has probably become one of the most powerful communication tools used by marketers and it performs an important role in today’s informational society, which is characterized by a heavy competition. Being a part of consumer society, people see it every day in newspapers, television, public transport, on the radio, etc. The paper gives the analysis of the French advertising slogans, as a result of which the structural and semantic features of this phenomenon are defined. The main characteristics of an advertising slogan distinguishing it as a separate kind of speech from the other types of advertising texts are described. The role of the visual component is studied. The research is based on the French advertising slogans focused on the domestic market. The research discovered the most typical linguistic and pragmatic characteristics of the advertising text, namely: a wide use of cliché structures, a variety of word-building models of product branding, rhetorical figures that have an argumentative function etc.


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