Verbal and Non-Verbal Means of Banks Representation in Internet Discourse

  • G.V. Zymovets
Keywords: business name, logo, slogan, persuasiveness, assessment


The article focuses on different ways how bank names are presented on logos which are construed as complex semiotic units in German, Polish, and Ukrainian culture. Logo semantics is based on combination of verbal and nonverbal tools of meaning formation. There were traced certain common trends in the field, e.g. correlation between logo and website colors, presence of business name at logo, predominantly abstract visual component. The analysis revealed cross-cultural differences, e.g. higher salience of acronymic business names in German and Polish compared to Ukrainian, as well as preferred type of images. Slogans constitute other issue under consideration in this article. The author analyzes them in terms of axiology and rhetoric tradition. Being an optional mean of business presentation slogans play and important role in conveying the main message, which is of importance for bank positioning. There have been found out common for all areas rhetoric arguments, i.e. verbal and nonverbal means of normative, utilitarian and teleological assessment.


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