Originality of Realization of Syntactic Constructions with Verbs of Desire in English

  • S.M. Dyshleva A.V. Dyshleva
Keywords: words of desire, lexical, morphological and syntactical means of expression, modality-pragmatic aspect, metacommunicative functions of the sentences


This scientific research reveals the specific of semantics and syntactical function the verbs of desire, and also defines the nominative and communicative purposes the sentences with a certain group of verbs. The situation of desire is researched and its syntactical representation is analysed in the article. The modality of sentences with verbs of desire is described, in connection with this statement the role of each component of the sentence in the formation of modality is characterized. Ratio modality of desire and compulsion is defined, the ability of sentences to the formation of text is analysed. A sentence with the verb of desire is a complex structure, predicate actant indicates the content and object of evaluation of predicate in it; this predicate calls a separate event which on the semantic level is usually not fully represented, but only separate element. On the syntactical level such a sentence, in addition to the core, has additional predicative level; so it is complicated, which ensures its semantic integrity and performs the function of text formation. A sentence with the verb desire is a textual unit. It has introductive, situational, modality-estimated value and functionally oriented on the formation of the text in modality-pragmatic aspect.


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